Areas of Expertise

The Wayne Johnson Agency offers a full suite of communications services, ranging from political and governmental issue evaluation, media training, strategic planning and hands-on management to award winning media creation and placement.

The firm’s experience is deep, including a wide variety of corporate, political, legislative and policy success stories at home and abroad.

What We Do

 Social marketing changes how people think and act, by focusing on the social impact of products, policies and behaviors. Once a peripheral discipline, social marketing has come to define the entire arena of public sector/private sector interaction. From education to medical ethics to the public benefits of products and services as esoteric as entertainment or risk management, The Wayne Johnson Agency has helped clients change opinions and behavior by focusing on the relationships among policies, products and people.

We translate our twenty-nine years of experience into sound, research-based, professional advice and strategy. The Wayne Johnson Agency has provided strategic counsel to some of the nation’s most prominent corporations, industry groups and organization, as well as top political and government leaders nationally and internationally.

At The Agency, our structure and flexibility ensure that our clients receive the best advice from our senior team, which is comprised of public affairs experts that have developed, operated and executed strategies for some of America’s leading companies and industry groups.

There are no longer any boundaries between the marketplace of goods and services and the marketplace of ideas. Years of goodwill can and do evaporate overnight, often without just cause. Unfortunately, there is no appellate court of public opinion. The media is not interested in revisiting an old story – even to set the record straight. In today’s business climate the rule is – get it right the first time.

The Wayne Johnson Agency brings many years of experience and countless successful case studies to any crisis situation your organization might encounter. We understand that the time to address a crisis is before it happens, with crisis scenario planning, executive media training and a rapid response game plan.

The Wayne Johnson Agency has earned an enviable reputation as one of the best earned media teams in the business. We do not treat the media as adversaries, but as resources to be used to tell your story. With decades of frontline media experience, The Agency’s public affairs team can help generate the balanced coverage that your issue deserves.

Our expertise has assisted numerous clients navigate the sometimes perilous shoals of public affairs and government relations, and our hands-on approach enables us to provide our clientele with quality, timely advice and unmatched service. We know the players, and can help put you in front of the decision-makers you need to reach on the vital issues that are important to your future.

Marketing ideas in a deeply-divided and intensely partisan environment has never been more challenging. That’s why the team at The Wayne Johnson Agency has cultivated working relationships that cross party and ideological barriers, and build real coalitions to make change.

How We Can Help

Everything begins with the correct strategic analysis, and that’s where The Wayne Johnson Agency excels. We take the time to understand our clients’ unique challenges, and help them intelligently develop a plan of action.

What Our Clients Say

The Wayne Johnson Agency is extremely focused, and they helped us become more efficient by offering solutions that help us to do the things we do best.
Tom Lagomarsino, PianoDisc
Executive Vice President
(They have) a steller reputation, and in my experience, it is well-deserved.
Kevin Walker, Alliance,Affordability and Access - PhRMA
Vice President
The Wayne Johnson Agency understands health care issues and builds effective coalitions to achieve real change.
William J. Cox, Alliance of Catholic Health Care