Digital Media: How Communities Connect

We understand that strategy must precede tactics. In a digital world that is constantly changing, we help our clients speak, organize and message with a consistent voice regardless of the medium of communication. In consumer marketing, it’s called cross-channel integration. In social advocacy, it’s called credibility.

Grow Your Audience

Today’s marketers don’t track sites, they track site visitors. At The Wayne Johnson Agency, we enlist these same commercial strategies to help you find your natural audience, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Research and Analytics

Digital strategy must be based on quantifiable data and user behavior, leveraging available analytics and applying that to tactical planning.

Building Community

It takes more than “likes” to build community. We build systems that maximize user engagement and interaction. Just as importantly, we help our clients build trust.

Social Media

Every social media platform has a unique culture. Voices need to be credible, provide new and useful information, and be active dialogue participants. We show our clients how to join the conversation.


Our team of designers and media specialists work with you from creative inception to project completion to build an online presence that communicates your message, organizes your natural constituency and facilitates action. Digital, graphic and online design with full optimization, enhancement, security, management and search optimization.

Online Advertising

We Put Your Message Where it Counts – From cookie-tracking to “Big Data,” from Pandora to YouTube pre-roll, we’re on it, so you’re on it. Gateway Media, our digital media ad team, will manage every component of your online advertising to make sure you reach your target audience now.

How We Can Help

In commercial marketing, cross-channel integration is established protocol, yet in social marketing, issue advocates often assume that the rules of cross-channel communications don’t apply when, in fact, they are even more important. While consumers tolerate hyperbole and overstatement in commercial speech, authenticity is the threshold standard in issue advocacy.

You encounter your target audience on a variety of communications platforms. Your messaging, and your “voice”, need to be consistent, and real. At The Wayne Johnson Agency, we are intentional about cross-channel communication, and realize that how we speak can be as important as what we say.

With more than 30 years of experience in issue advocacy, ballot initiatives, candidate campaigns, crisis management and social marketing, our online and social media strategy team uniquely understands how to organize, communicate, solicit response, develop communities, advocate, and affect behavioral change.

In order to motivate, your message can’t just be good – it has to be trustworthy so the community will act. We can help. Call us.