(Or, “Why presidential polls are entertainment, not news.”)

Last week, using Google’s new polling software, we asked 400 people “eligible to vote in 2016” how they would vote, if the choice came down to either Democrat Bernie Sanders or Republican Caitlyn Jenner. It was just for fun, but since Echelon Insights released their numbers today of the Trump-Kanye match-up, we decided to share our silly season numbers, as well. We’ve all got to get this out of our system before Labor Day. So…more than half of those Americans we polled (53%) said, if given the Berne-Kaitlin choice, they were decidedly Undecided.

Against a formidable candidate like Caitlyn Jenner, Senator Sanders was unable to crack 40% support. And what does it say about Americans that less than 10% of them were willing to vote for someone with the courage to have gender reassignment surgery?

Well, it actually says nothing about Americans, per se, but a whole lot about what passes for news these days. The Fox News decision to let polls drive the debate bus was too much for the Marist Poll, which announced they would suspend polling prior to the Fox debates lest they play an unwitting role in the farce. (See Lee Miringoff’s devastatingly funny analysis here http://maristpoll.marist.edu/528-top-10-reasons-why-polls-should-not-be-used-to-determine-eligibility-for-debates/ )

But enough about the well-respected Marist Poll and back to the game changer that the stunning Sanders-Jenner matchup promises to be. After all, it has all the ingredients. We’ve got the surging campaign of Senator Sanders who if he wins can, at long last, end this crazy Vietnam War. And we’ve got Caitlyn Jenner, who is married to a Kardashian.

So, why isn’t this survey (and dozens like it) important?

Aside from the fact that not even in some alternate universe is Caitlyn Jenner going to end up as the Republican nominee against Bernie Sander next November, this just isn’t what polls are intended to measure. Strategic surveys provide information that informs planning and decision-making, but “horse race” polls more than a year out? They’re entertainment, and until Fox and CNN started using them to turn off some candidates’ microphones, they didn’t do much harm.

Oh, by the way, Echelon found that The Donald beat Kanye everywhere except out here in the West.